Our Mission

Welcome to Harrison’s, the Gentleman’s Solution. My goal and mission is to create an atmosphere of the classic men’s lounge for all of our clients and employees. I want your time here to be a memorable one.

Harrison’s Mission: The Gentleman’s solution is to provide a classic men’s barbering skill with the salon experience. To provide quality hair care and grooming for the modern man. To be cut, colored and respected by a professional and passionate team of individuals who admire the traditions of men’s grooming.

My Mission to You: I am here to help you become whomever you wish and want to be. I will offer you education and professional seminars. I hope this education and experience will help you reach all your personal and professional goals as well.

-Eryn Harrison, Owner

The Story behind the Shop
Harrison's - The Gentleman's Solution

After opening Calm, A Salon in 2005, I was left wondering… where are all the men going to get their hair cut? I set out to study barbershops and their secret culture, which I knew very little about. With every opportunity I had, I would sit and observe a new barbershop. With careful thought to my community, I opened Harrison’s: The Gentleman’s Solution in 2016. I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone (women’s hair) and embraced the world of barbering. It turns out there is an entire group of individuals and men of all ages yearning for a continued education in Barbering. Taking the business sense I have gained from Summit Salon Systems, and my partnership with Salon Centric, L’Oreal Profesionelle, and Baxter of California, barbering excellence at Harrison’s: The Gentleman’s Solution has become my latest quest to make a difference in the salon industry.

Our Team

Eryn Harrison of Harrison's

Eryn Harrison

Owner / Barber / Cosmetologist / Rene Furterer
Scalp Certified and Rene Furterer Educator

Carly Primrose of Harrison's

Carly Primrose

Lead Barber / Cosmetologist / Rene Furterer Scalp Certified

Isaac A. Jones of Harrison's

Isaac A. Jones

Barber / Rene Furterer Scalp Certified


4429 Piedmont Ave • Oakland, CA 94611 • 510-350-7662 • connect@harrisonman.com

4429 Piedmont Ave • Oakland, CA 94611
510-350-7662 • connect@harrisonman.com